Wish List Worksheet

Before meeting with a general contractor, put together your commercial construction or residential home renovation wish list.  This list will assist you determine what details are important to you and why.  As well a singular wish list helps unite team members or families with differing priorities to focus on what’s best.

Creating Your Commercial or Residential Wish List

1. Why do you want to renovate or make changes to our space?

2. Is the space your renovating large enough?  Have you maximized the efficiencies of your existing space?

3. Would you consider combining existing rooms into one larger space?

  • To create a more functional space
  • To update the aesthetics
  • To obtain more storage space
  • To obtain more counter space
  • To obtain more seating space
  • To increase the value of your property

4. What do you LIKE about your current space?  What’s working?

5. What do you DISLIKE about your current space?  What’s NOT working?

6. On a daily basis how many people use the space?

7. How many people use the space at one time?

8. Does anyone in your family have a disability that would require an accommodated design? (Commercial spaces have their own accessible requirements.)

9. Do you need a space to entertain/host meetings?  Do you need a space for storage?

10. How many people do you typically entertain/host meetings for at one time?

11. Is there a specific aesthetic style you’d like to achieve or maintain?

12. Do you have a preference of countertop, flooring, or cabinet material or finish?

13. Would you consider adding or moving windows?

14. Are there places in your home that don’t have enough light, or the type of lighting is uncomfortable?

15. Are there uncomfortable shadows or lighting “hot spots” that need to be addressed?

16. Are there safety issues that need to be addressed with this renovation or construction project?

17. Are you trying to open up your space or segment it?

18. Do you want to add any extras into your home, such as:

  • Integrated Audio/Media Systems
  • Fireplace
  • Soaker Tub
  • Bar
  • Desk
  • Custom Closets/Organizers
  • Additional/Replacement Appliances

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