Tips for Project Success

We at Impact Construction are continually looking for ways to ensure our client’s commercial construction, concrete, and home improvement/renovation projects are as successful as possible. We’ve gleaned from our 25+ years of commercial construction and home renovation experience along with those of our clients to put together a list of our top tips for success.

Top 7 Construction & Renovation Tips for Success

1. Educate Yourself. Discuss your project with professional commercial and residential contractors, as they have first hand experience.

2. Plan, Plan, Plan. This is your home or place of work, and you’ll be living with your decisions for a long time.  Considering what you’ll invest in the commercial construction or home renovation, be sure to invest first in a great design plan.  This plan will ensure the finished product looks and functions the way you’ve dreamed it will (or even better).  And a solid design plan will help avoid costly mistakes and disappointments.

3. Ensure you Mesh with Team. You’ll be working with your commercial construction or home renovation team (contractor, designer, suppliers, etc) for quite some time.  Ensure you all get along.  If you can’t see yourself sitting across from one another at dinner, you probably aren’t the right match.

4. Rent a Storage Unit (or a Friend’s Basement). Especially if your commercial construction or home renovation project is of a substantial size, you’ll need to relocate personal treasures, file cabinets, inventory, or machinery.  This way your contents are kept clean and out of the way. Be sure to check with your insurance agent to ensure your stored items will have proper coverage.

5. Keep Your Neighbours Informed. Communication goes a long way. While the commercial construction or home renovation project may be taking place inside – garbage bins, wind-blown debris, increased traffic and noise all affect your neighbours.  So be sure to keep them informed.

6. Prepare for Surprises. There are always surprises! When a problem arises – and one will – how it is taken care of will dictate how smooth the commercial construction project or home renovation goes. If the problem is not handled or not dealt with properly, the project can go bad quickly.

7. Ensure Contractor’s Experience & Professionalism. Ensure your contractor has workers compensation and adequate insurance. Be sure to look at similar past jobs and ask for those references. What makes someone else happy may not make you happy. If the contractor does good work, past customers love to show their project to others! When hiring a contractor for older homes, be sure they also have worked with knob and tube wiring, older plumbing stacks and steel lines.

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