Client Testimonials Expanded

At Impact Construction quality workmanship and a customer-focused approach are the keys behind our commercial construction, concrete contracting, and home renovation success. And these very same keys have been recognized over the years by the following awards, but much more importantly by our amazing clients and suppliers!

The best accolades are those from our clients:

“We took on a huge project [whole house renovation, including addition] to rescue a century home, and Impact Construction admirably rose to the challenge. The overall quality of the work done has been outstanding, and communication with the project manager and members of the team has been exceptional. Unexpected issues came up, were discussed in a timely manner, and a path forward was agreed. There were some delays as a result but, given the magnitude of the project, these were relatively minor. We would be happy to work with this team again, and to recommend their services to others.”  [Less]
– Richard – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“We replaced exterior cedar lumber on the house with stucco and replaced some parging as well.  Impact Construction performed the work in the timeframe promised and as per the price quoted. Quality of workmanship and supervision was excellent – I would certainly not hesitate to hire them again or recommend their services to others.”  [Less]
– Mel – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“We remain very pleased with the work performed by the Impact Construction team. There was care in planning, good people leading & working on the project, coordination of work, sub-contractors as needed and good communication with us. A detailed quote was developed for materials and designs. We discussed and signed off on minor changes to the initial quote required when unexpected work was required to meet the current building codes. The project was on budget and within a few days of the target completion time.”  [Less]
– Andrew – Saskatoon, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“Gerald was very knowledgeable in helping us with our ideas and was always available either by phone or email.  He was also great in helping us keep within a comfortable budget.  The whole project was done earlier than originally scheduled.

The crew that Gerald brought in were all excellent to work with.  We appreciated the fact that everyone cared about the end result, wanting everything to look just right.  Extra attention to detail was given, showing us how making the odd change here or there would make things look even better.

Our house turned out better than even expected.  We already have some ideas from Gerald for future work when we eventually go ahead with doing some interior renovations.  Impact Construction will definitely be in charge of working with us on this future project.”  [Less]
– Jeff & Lana – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“Our house is our home. The renovation involved gutting the whole entire main floor and then updating the floor plan with the creation of a new kitchen, dining room, living room, and mudroom.  We hired Impact Construction to be the general contractor for the project. They were responsible for all of the demolition, the erection of new walls, upgrading of the electrical system, new lighting, windows, doors, painting and all finishing. They also coordinated work with the cabinetry workers and the flooring installers.

Gerald laid out a detailed plan that we both worked on so that all parties involved were happy.  The process of our home renovation went really well.  The level of service and quality of workmanship from the onsite workers and foreman were incredible. They gave us daily updates of what they completed that day and what they expected to complete in the coming days.

Overall our experience with Impact was great, they had outstanding communication with us from the start of the project to the end of the project. The workers had excellent workmanship and treated us exceptionally well…  I would highly recommend Impact Construction to anyone who is planning to do home renovation. They are very trustworthy and have great communication and workmanship skills. We researched and interviewed several general contractors and we selected the best of the bunch, Impact Construction.”  [Less]
– John Hignett – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“I hired Impact Construction to completely renovate my bathroom. The house was built in 1951 and the bathroom had never been updated.  Most significantly the grout in the tiles behind the tub had cracked and water was leaking into the bedroom below.  I hired Impact Construction to gut the existing bathroom down to the studs and build it back up again.

I initially contacted Impact Construction because they were the contractor associated with Home Depot. I hired Impact Construction after Gerald provided me with a detailed estimate for the project I had also reviewed the company’s web-site and was satisfied that they were reputable and very likely to “do things right’.

Scott and Sean the two project managers, were always available to answer questions and accommodate necessary minor changes to the plans.  Clearly Impact Construction takes customer service very seriously.  Scott made an excellent suggestion to continue the tile around the bathroom window. Sean built a new cupboard door that improved on the design. I particularly like the subway tiles around the tub.  They were beautifully installed.

While it is not something I would wish to experience every day, my overall experience with this renovation was very positive.  The inevitable mess and disruption to the household was kept to a minimum.  Things moved along at a very reasonable pace and everybody who worked on the project was pleasant to deal with.  I got a very beautiful kid-friendly bathroom that suits the style of the house I believe Impact Construction’s efforts and expertise were a big part of the success of this project.”  [Less]
– Karen Jones – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“We hired Impact Construction Inc. to take the design for the renovation of our kitchen and bring it to reality. There were a number of challenges or unknowns that Impact Construction was expected to determine the situation and work with us in finding the best option to address them. A short full-height wall was to be removed, although it was anticipated that there would be a plumbing stack within. In addition, a bulkhead was to be removed with some uncertainty of what it might contain.

We were very pleased with the work that Impact Construction did for us on the project. They made every effort to reduce dust outside of the construction area and kept the site clean daily. We appreciated their keeping us fully informed when an issue occurred and providing us with options to consider. For example, unexpected plumbing running from an upstairs bathroom across floor joists necessitated that there be an angular piece from the ceiling into the plumbing stack. There was concern this would result in a bulkhead, which the design called for none to exist. They provided us with options which resulted ultimately in the smallest possible angled piece that could be covered by a cupboard and thereby keep the design intact.

We fully appreciated that we could speak with Impact Construction about any concerns or questions we might have, without feeling as though we were bothering on them in any way. In addition, we appreciated their willingness to accommodate our desire to minimize the impact on the landfill by our doing some of the work to remove old cabinetry for recycling to someone else, while reducing the costs for the project.

We would freely recommend Impact Construction Inc. to anyone considering a renovation because of their attention to detail, the quality of their work, keeping clients fully informed of issues, and working diligently to keep the integrity of the project design.” [Less]
– Ken & Nancy Ladd – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“I’ve just completed a major renovation/addition to my house in Saskatoon (games room, larger front entrance, attached garage, driveway, pool shed) and I’m thrilled with the results.

My search for a contractor began almost two years ago. I initially had difficultly getting calls returned to get a detailed estimate, until I came in contact with Gerald Audit, the head of Impact Construction. He not only took my call but was prompt in providing a detailed estimate, which was in line with current construction rates.

Because my renovation was going to be extensive I wanted assurances that I was hiring a quality contractor. I did a thorough search on Impact Construction and contacted all of the company’s references. All of the reviews were positive. I also had a lengthy discussion with Gerald about my plans. I was more than satisfied that I had finally found the company that best suited my needs.

Despite a few weather related delays… the project started on time, finished on time and came in on budget. I was very impressed with Gerald’s crew of workers, particularly Andy… who’s a jack of all trades and a master at all of them. The team arrives when scheduled, does quality work and is very tidy. They took pride in their work and made an effort to ensure I was pleased with the outcome.

It seemed I had a million decisions to make during my renovation and at times it felt overwhelming. But Gerald was ALWAYS available on his cell phone and communicated regularly through e-mails, updating me on the progress. He and his crew took the time to help me work through the decisions and often came up with helpful ideas of their own, which made the final renovation/addition better than I had imagined.  If I was to do another renovation I would definitely hire Impact Construction again.” [Less]
– Steve Pasqualotto – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“When we moved into our home we knew that some things were going to need to be updated. We began planning and saving for those renovations. After the exterior was in shape, it was time to move inside. One of these renovations we knew we were going to tackle first was our main floor bathroom.

With the HRTC available, we planned our project for 2009. As luck would have it, this would also be the year we were blessed with our 3rd child that came in September. Knowing that this renovation would be too much to tackle on our own with a new baby in our home, we decided to look for a contractor to help us.

We decided to hire Impact Construction after talking with several people from the Home Depot. We also decided to do the master bedroom half-bath at the same time. We ended up having the renovation done in Nov/Dec of 2009 after settling our baby into our routine.

As our renovation was done while we still were living in our home, there was some anxiety that I experienced in trying to manage a new baby, our two older children and our home. During the renovation there was a moment of anxiety when I called Gerald (in a panic) telling him that the toilets weren’t fitting and I didn’t know what we were going to do. He reassured me over the phone and immediately came over to assess the toilets that we so wanted to work in our project. He moved the shut offs and when he was done, the European design toilets fit perfectly.

During the site inspection, he also made a suggestion to run 3’’ up the wall with the floor tile (instead of a baseboard) which turned out not only practical with the children, but it looks great too. Our renovation was a success in the end and it turned out as beautiful as we had hoped it would. When we look back on our renovation, we are glad that we decided to have Gerald and Impact Construction come into our home with their professional expertise to complete these two bathrooms. Thanks guys!!” [Less]
– Monique & Travis Otto – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“Impact Construction was the company chosen for a major renovation job regarding our family’s main bathroom. The work included a new sub-floor, linoleum, fan, lights, sink, toilet, tub/shower, and built-in recessed towel cupboard as well as repairs to walls, undercoat, and paint.

The work that was done is of the highest quality, and we are extremely happy with the results. The workers themselves were reliable, courteous, and pleasant to have in our home for the period in which the renovations took place. I would strongly recommend this company to others seeking home repairs/renovations, and am happy to provide further comments on request.” [Less]
– Bev Brenna – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“We are pleased to recommend Impact Construction and Gerald Audit, who worked on a major renovation of our 1920s home. Gerald’s references had praise for his professionalism, his workmanship and his communication skills, and we weren’t disappointed. Gerald is familiar with older homes and the quirks that come with doing major renovations to them, and it’s clear he enjoys working on them. As a result, we have a beautifully updated home with renovations that respect its original character.

Gerald is friendly and easygoing, while showing the attention to detail that makes for good work. We found him prompt, well organized, knowledgeable, creative and flexible. The trades he works with share those qualities. We have truly enjoyed working with Gerald and his team. We are proud to show off their work, and we’d be happy to hire them again.” [Less]
– Dwain Stensrud & Laura Hartney – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“Gerald, the bathroom looks awesome, very pleased! And everyone who came to the house was great.” [Less]
– April Morris – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“Impact Construction has recently completed a laundry room renovation in our new home. They also did a bathroom renovation in our previous home. We were very happy with Impact on both occasions. Gerald returned calls promptly and attended when he said he would. He always called if he was going to be delayed for any reason.

Gerald and his crew took their time discussing the plans and options for doing the work and kept us informed the whole time. The work was completed in the time promised and met our expectations. At the end of the day, the workspace was always left neat and tidy. We would not hesitate to contact Gerald and Impact construction again for future renovations.” [Less]
Aaron & Melody Fornwald – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“My husband and I have resided in our current home since spring of 2007. Since that time Gerald and his crew have been involved in extensive renovations including complete gutting and refurbishing of the kitchen, the main bathroom and master ensuite, the basement, removal of an existing attached garage and construction of a large backyard deck. Our 1928 character home required extensive plumbing and electrical work. Walls were of lathe and plaster construction and needed replacement with drywall.

Work commenced on the given date and proceeded in a timely fashion. Gerald was very good at estimating costs and helping us to budget our renovation expenses. He was amenable to our design suggestions and very good at keeping us up to date with plans and schedules. Our questions were answered in a timely fashion, either by email or telephone.

The crew was exceptionally friendly. We were pleased with the work done and they frequently sought our opinions while work was in progress. The inevitable mess of construction was tidied at the end of each workday. Overall, we are very pleased with the results. Impact Construction has helped us realize the true potential of our home and we love it!” [Less]
Leslie Chatterson – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“When we had a disastrous flood in March of 2010, the damage was phenomenal, and we had a very large project ahead of us, as most all of our 4 year old home had been damaged by the water. We had to determine who we wanted to help us with the rebuilding process and we knew exactly who to call. Gerald Audit of Impact Construction was a professional contact of ours as we were are in the construction business ourselves. He came over and helped us assess the damage, and got us started on the road to reconstruction, as well as giving us some great ideas and guidance in the process.

We are a young family, so this was a huge interruption to our lives, and our toddler. Gerald was able to create a schedule that worked for us and our family without us having to move out and live in a hotel room for any period of time. We were very impressed with the sub-trades that Gerald had working with his company, and how professional each of them were. Gerald was very flexible, but committed to the project, as he was seen on site daily for updates and to plan for the next phase of construction.

The end result of the construction was beautiful. We liked our home before, but LOVE it now! We are continuously getting rave reviews on the craftsmanship and materials in our renovation areas and feel like we owe it all to Gerald for pulling it all together. As we have worked with Impact Construction in the design and construction process, we feel as though we have been worked with one of the most professional construction companies we have seen in a long time. Thanks for that!!

We would without hesitation recommend Impact Construction and look forward to continuing to work with them again in the future.” [Less]
Shane & Terra Dyky – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“Gerald and his team from Impact Construction did two major projects at our home. The first was an upstairs bathroom, the second an entire basement renovation. Our house is from 1929, and like most older homes offers lots of challenges in renovation. Gerald’s team was creative in responding to the challenges and adaptable to changes that developed through the process. The staff was friendly and able to clearly explain each step of the repairs. The price of the renovation was reasonable, and Gerald is always quick to respond to any concerns that may arise after the fact. I happily recommend Impact Construction to anyone looking to have thorough work done by a capable team.” [Less]
Ryan Meili – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“Your contractors have been the nicest two guys we have met. They were very polite and sincere in their actions and work and we certainly enjoyed their time with us. You couldn’t have picked a better two guys. They are welcome at our place anytime and we can’t say enough of how much we appreciated all they did for us. Please let them know that we were pleased with them. We will certainly recommend them to anyone.” [Less]
Loyd & Elizabeth Ullrich – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“Our new basement is wonderful! We want to especially thank Gerald and Danny and all of the cub-contractors for being so professional, courteous, clean, understanding and flexible.  The patience and care given us when we had concerns or changes (being first time “renovators” we had a few) was wonderful. All of our questions and concerns were met with honest answers, solutions and/or suggestions. Communication with Gerald was always prompt and professional.

We are very grateful for the quality of work and the level of professionalism we experienced with Impact Construction, especially with all of the stories we have heard of other people’s experiences with bad contractors.  Thank you again. We think very highly of Impact Construction and it would be our pleasure to recommend them to anyone looking into home renovations.” [Less]
D & K Foulds – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“I have been very pleased with work that has been done and with the responsiveness of your contractors.” [Less]
Carol Brown – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“We had heard of contractor nightmares from family and friends and were quite pleasantly surprised to find Gerald conducting himself in an entirely professional manner at all times. We had him develop our entire basement from framing through flooring and final painting. We had a tight deadline and Gerald rose to the challenge. He did not mislead us in any way and made it his personal challenge. In the end, we were very happy to have the entire job completed within a couple weeks off the original deadline despite us adding more to his scope than planned. He quoted all work before undertaking it and never once deviated from his quoted amounts. The other members of his team, as well as subcontracted tradespersons that he chose, were courteous, tidy and unobtrusive at all times.

We found that Gerald was open to working with our vision for the final result and also added significant input into the final details that would make that vision work in the realities of tight space. He was flexible in allowing me to carry out certain aspects of the project that I was comfortable undertaking. Gerald was open to discussing any concerns we had with daily scheduling and construction details.

All in all, I highly recommend that you consider Gerald Audit and Impact Construction for your renovation or building project. It’s hard to regret dealing with a professional that delivers what he promises.” [Less]
Darryl Kerr – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“We had Impact Construction develop our 900 square foot unfinished basement. We interviewed several potential builders and found Gerald to be the most accommodating and professional of the bunch.

Our basement development went smoothly and we are very happy with the end-product that we make use of on a daily basis. I would highly recommend Gerald and Impact Construction for any development or renovation project of your own.” [Less]
Lee S – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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