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3 4!. 2 4!. 2 3!. 4 3!. 2 4!. 3!. 2 • • • • INITIAL PROCEDURES ON ADMISSION (1) Relieve pain by Inj. Morphine (1 mg for each 10 Ib body wt) or Inj. Peth ilorfan 25 mg. (2) Inj. -1,500 units. , blood, urea, grouping and crossmatching. (4) Local treatment, if any, of the area of burn. g. Hartman's or dextrose in normal saline -1 cc x kg body wt. c. x kg body wt. to cover normal daily requirements for insensible water loss and urine volume. Chapter 8 Common Emergencies In all paediatric emergencies, rapid and accurate diagnosis and treatment are most essential for a successful outcome.

In ulcerative colitis. The commonest electrolyte abnormality is a hypokalaemic akalosis secondary to loss of H+ and CI- from the gastric contents. If shock or impending circulatory collapse exists, blood or a plasma expander is indicated. Dehydration is clinically assessed as to whether mild, moderate or severe, and fluid requirement estimated accordingly. Hydration is begun with 1/5th of the estimated fluid deficit being given as Hartman's solution or N/5 saline in dextrose. Once adequate urine flow is established half-strength Darrow's solution is substituted.

V. v. p. p. v. Table 18 gives the nutrient contents of the commonly used tropical foods. Protein Score is a measure of the quality of the protein in a food. It is calculated by comparing the amino acid pattern of the food protein with that of the reference protein as defined by the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Energy and Protein Requirements. For practical purposes, the amino acids compared in this way are lysine and the sulphur-containing amino acids. g. 5 158 139 73 125 357 500 382 340 579 350 352 362 365 353 388 75 114 113 104 128 116 342 54 35 39 39 37 37 30 20 20 31 32 25 28 27 32 26 26 26 26 16 16 16 *Total sulphur-containing amino acids (cystine + methionine) Amino Acids lysine, mg/g protein 59 86 86 86 80 80 64 72 35 21 25 19 21 19 27 48 48 48 48 48 48 48 Nutrition and Dietetics 29 levels are - lysine 55 mg/1 gm of protein and the sulphur-containing amino acids {methionine + cystine}, 35 mg/1 gm of protein.

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