A Fortune's Children Christmas by Lisa Jackson PDF

By Lisa Jackson

ISBN-10: 1426873298

ISBN-13: 9781426873294

This publication comprises 3 vintage tales with the Fortunes - a kin whose Christmas legacy is larger thatn mere riches.

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Kate sighed. “Thank God you found Lesley when you did. ” He didn’t reply. What could he say? That Lesley had been so confused she’d thought an actual angel had been in the car with her? “I know it must be hard for you,” Kate ventured to say, and Chase tensed. ” He knew what she was asking, but he didn’t answer. Couldn’t. His son hadn’t survived to see his first Christmas, and his wife…well, Emily had blamed herself and taken her own life on New Year’s Eve. She’d mixed vodka and an entire bottle of sleeping pills.

Just seconds ago he’d been on the right track, and now as he glanced at the sleeping woman and child he doubted himself. “Angela and I are leaving in the morning,” she said, surprising him. He thought she was asleep and didn’t realize that she knew he was in the room. ” Her eyes opened fully, and he was struck by the intensity of her gaze—green irises shot with silver—that didn’t flinch. ” “I couldn’t leave you over there all alone,” he insisted. ” he demanded. “How’re you gonna get over there?

Or hallucinating big-time. ” Was she serious? No way. Unless she was a bona-fide nutcase. ” Finely arched dark brows pulled together in confusion. “At least I thought so…” She was definitely disoriented. “Don’t worry about it. ” “But Sarah was here. ” The woman worried her lower lip as if concerned about her own state of mind. “I mean, I think so…oh, maybe not…” “You’d better get out of there—” She started breathing hard. Panting. As if she were about to—For the love of Pete, she was pregnant! And from the looks of it, about to deliver.

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