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By Vincent O'Sullivan; Aubrey Beardsley

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This last was so venomous an evil, that one of the nurses having touched the sick man in her ministrations, and neglected to immediately purify herself, within a few hours incontinently deceased. After a while, to assist these enemies of Orange, there came pneumonia . It would seem as though he were experiencing all the maladies from which he had been free during the past five years; for besides his corporal ills he had become lunatic, and he was ravmg. Those who tended him, used as they were to outrageous scenes, shuddered and held each other's hands when they heard him shriek 52 A BOOK OF BARGAINS.

Knows what hell in their hearts, and then, with a little cry, that was half a sob, she flung her arms about his neck, and pressed her kisses on his lips. THE BARGAIN OF RUPERT ORANGE. 35 Ill Yesterday afternoon I took from amongst my books a novel of Rupert Orange, and as I turned over the leaves, I fell to pondering how difficult it is to obtain any of his works to-day, while but a few years ago all the world was reading them ; and to lose myself in amaze at our former rapturous and enthusiastic admiration of his literary art, his wit, his pathos.

And because my head was thick with thoughts, I had little speech; and for this I was laughed at and called stupid : " H e was always a dull child," murmured my mother, bending over me, 62 A BOOK OF BARGAINS. when I , in the crisis of a fever, was on the point of embarking for a vague land. As I grew older, I still dwelt \lvithin my soul, a satisfied prisoner : the complaint of huge trees in a storm; the lash and surge of breakers on an iro n coast; the sound of certain words; the sight of dim colours which blend sometimes in g ray sunsets ; the heavy scent of some exquisite poisonous flower; a contemplation of youthful forms engaged in an unruly game ;-ah !

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A book of bargains by Vincent O'Sullivan; Aubrey Beardsley

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