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By David McCullough

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America's such a lot acclaimed historian offers the complex tale of the yr of the beginning of the us of the US. 1776 tells gripping tales: how a gaggle of squabbling, disparate colonies turned the USA, and the way the British Empire attempted to forestall them. a narrative with a solid of wonderful characters from George III to George Washington, to infantrymen and their households, this exhilarating publication is likely one of the nice items of old narrative.

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The intention now, he affirmed, was to send a powerful sea and land force across the Atlantic. ” How “proper submission” was to be determined, or who was to bear such offers, he did not say. As time would show, however, the real purpose of such peace gestures was to speed up an American surrender. “This will show we are in earnest, that we are prepared to punish, but are nevertheless ready to forgive. ” On that note the debate ended. In the House of Lords, where work had wound up at midnight, the opposition to the King’s address, and thus to all-out war in America, was defeated by a vote of more than two to one, 69 to 29.

He also suffered from occasional attacks of asthma. But Nathanael Greene was no ordinary man. He had a quick, inquiring mind and uncommon resolve. He was extremely hardworking, forthright, good-natured, and a born leader. His commitment to the Glorious Cause of America, as it was called, was total. And if his youth was obvious, the Glorious Cause was to a large degree a young man’s cause. The commander in chief of the army, George Washington, was himself only forty-three. John Hancock, the President of the Continental Congress, was thirty-nine, John Adams, forty, Thomas Jefferson, thirty-two, younger even than the young Rhode Island general.

To the remaining child and to his second wife, Sarah Perkins, and the two children born of this second marriage, he was a devoted father and husband. Greatly concerned for their welfare and knowing her concern for him, he wrote to Sarah at every chance. But for now, as he told her, he had no time to be “pertickler” about details. ” The rebels, he calculated, were consuming a bottle a day per man. To judge by the diary of an officer with the Connecticut troops at Roxbury, Lieutenant Jabez Fitch, who enjoyed a sociable drink, there was considerably more besides plain rum to be had.

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